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I got mail

I got mail. Dieter Vrancken sends me a mail where comments on my C++ class to read configuration files. He also attached some improvements that I gladly put into the code.
Here's the mail:
Hello Rene,

first of all, a big wow for the simplicity and elegance of your ConfigFile solution.

I'd like to use it in a project of mine and to do that, I added 2 simple things:
(1) ability to use whitespace in a key=value line
(2) ability to specify default values in case some expected key=value pair is missing
I hereby send you the modified source.

(2) could have been solved using a template, but I thought it was a bit asking for trouble,
given that Chameleon only takes double and string values.

Thanks for making your excellent solution available to all of us,
I am always touched if I get one of these mails. It gives me the feeling that maintaining my website is not in vain.