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December 19, 2005: On triggers, sequences, autonumbers and failing inserts

Oracle's way to generate the SQLServer's equivalent of autonumbers is to use triggers and sequences.
I am particularly interested in what happens when I create a sequence and a trigger, do some inserts of which one fails. Will the sequence be increased or not? Here's the answer.
As usual for such cases, I start by creating a table:
create table autonumber_tbl (
  autonumber  number        primary key,
  column_1    varchar2(10),
  column_2    varchar2(20) check (column_2 = upper(column_2))
There's a check check constraint on the table that allows uppercase words in column_2 only.
Next: the sequence...
create sequence autonumber_seq;
... and the trigger.
create trigger autonumber_trg
  before insert on autonumber_tbl for each row
  select autonumber_seq.nextval into :new.autonumber 
    from dual;
Finally: a little autonomous block:

  prevent_ora_08002 number; -- sequence AUTONUMBER_SEQ.CURRVAL is not yet defined in this session

  procedure fill(
    col_1 in varchar2,
    col_2 in varchar2

    returned_autonumber number;
    seq_value           number;
    dbms_output.put_line('inserting: ' || col_1 || ' ' || col_2);
    select autonumber_seq.currval into seq_value from dual;
    dbms_output.put_line('  sequence before: ' || seq_value);


      insert into autonumber_tbl 
        (column_1, column_2) values
        (col_1   , col_2   ) returning
        autonumber into returned_autonumber;

    exception when others then null;

    select autonumber_seq.currval into seq_value from dual;
    dbms_output.put_line('  sequence after: '      || seq_value);
    dbms_output.put_line('  returned autonumber: ' || returned_autonumber);



    -- prevent: sequence .... is not yet defined in this session
    select autonumber_seq.nextval into prevent_ora_08002
    from dual;

    fill('foo', 'FOO');
    fill('bar', 'BAR');
    fill('BAZ', 'baz'); -- col_2's baz is in small caps, will fail
    fill('qux', 'QUX');

Executing this block gives:
inserting: foo FOO
  sequence before: 1
  sequence after: 2
  returned autonumber: 2

inserting: bar BAR
  sequence before: 2
  sequence after: 3
  returned autonumber: 3

inserting: BAZ baz
  sequence before: 3
  sequence after: 4
  returned autonumber:

inserting: qux QUX
  sequence before: 4
  sequence after: 5
  returned autonumber: 5
As can be seen, the sequence is incremented even in the case where an insert fails.

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