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September 19, 2005: On using dbms_utility.name_resolve

Say, you encounter the following SQL statement:
select * from some_table;
Without knowing further details, you cannot be totally sure that there is actually a table named some_table. This is the case if there is a synonym named some_table that actually points to a table with a different name.
If you want to find out which table and schema some_table stands for, dbms_utility.name_resolve helps do that.
As always, a copy/pastable example is worth 1000 words.
We need a schema (which is created along with a user):
create user usr_01 identified by usr_01 
default tablespace   users
temporary tablespace temp
quota unlimited on   users;
This user needs some privileges:
grant create session, create table, create synonym, create public synonym to usr_01;
usr_01 then creates a table:
connect usr_01/usr_01

create table item (
  article_no  number  (10 ),
  price       number  (8,2),
  description varchar2(200)
usr_01 also gives select rights on the table to me:
grant select on item to rene;
Then, usr_01 creates a synonym for the table:
create synonym syn_item for item;
In order to make things a bit more interesting, a public synonym is also created for syn_item:
create public synonym pub_syn_item for syn_item;
I connect myself...
connect rene/rene
... and, for fun's sake, create a synonym on the prevously created public synonym:
create synonym my_syn for pub_syn_item;
And finally, I am ready to use dbms_utility.name_resolve to find out what my_syn points to:
  context number := 2;
  schema  varchar2(30);
  part1   varchar2(30);
  part2   varchar2(30);
  dblink  varchar2(128);
  part1_type number;
  object_number number;

  dbms_utility.name_resolve('my_syn', context, schema,part1, part2, dblink, part1_type, object_number);

  dbms_output.put_line('Schema:     ' || schema);
  dbms_output.put_line('table_name: ' || part1 );
  when others then 
    case when sqlcode = -6564 then dbms_output.put_line('object does not exist');
      dbms_output.put_line('exception: ' || sqlerrm || '(' || sqlcode || ')' ); 
    end case;
This anonymous block correctly reports:
Schema:     USR_01
table_name: ITEM

Update September 26, 2005

Robert Chin pointed out to me that name_resolve is only supported for procedures, functions and packages, but not for tables ( Although the documentation tells so, it still looks like it is perfectly capable of doing table name translations as well. However, metalink note 1008700.6 (dated March 16th 1995 [!]) states that enhancement request 263534 had been filed which requests that tables be added as valid objects. I have no idea, if this request is already implemented or not.

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