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CSound Ghost_Writer: Csound Ghost_Writer is an open source DSP Audio instrument which runs on Csound. It is mainly a GUI for creating custom instrument and textures for electronic music.
Gerard Alan Wenzel had once some perl and csound code, it's offline now, however, but it's still on
Klangsynthese (written in german).
Amsterdam catalog: Catalog of Csound Computer Instruments, by John-Philipp Gather.
CSound Vim Tools. Set of tools for editing Csound files (.orc, .sco, .csd) with Vim: syntax recognition and highlighting, macros, on-line manual and templates.
Thanks to the work of Sylvian Marchand and Russel Pinkstone, the famous dx7 can be emulated. See also the dx7 page.
EARS (Electro Acoustic Resource Site). The ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (EARS) project has been established to provide resources for those wishing to conduct research in the area of electroacoustic music studies.
ATS Analysis - Transformation - Synthesis: is a software library of functions for spectral Analysis, Transformation, and Synthesis of sound based on a sinusoidal plus critical-band noise model. A sound in ATS is a symbolic object representing a spectral model that can be sculpted using a variety of transformation functions. Spectral data can be accessed trough an API, and saved to/loaded from disk. ATS is written in LISP, its analysis and synthesis algorithms are implemented using the CLM (Common Lisp Music) synthesis and sound processing language.

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