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cabasa (Csound opcode)

ar      cabasa     iamp, idettack[, knum, kdamp, kmaxshake]
iamp: Amplitude of output. Note: As these instruments are stochastic, this is only a approximation.
idettack: period of time over which all sound is stopped
knum: The number of beads, teeth, bells, timbrels, etc. If, zero the default value is 512.
kdamp: The damping factor of the instrument. The value is used as an adjustment around the defaults, with 1 being no damping. If zero, the default values are used. The default is: 0.9970.


i1  0  0.4  30000
sr = 44100
kr = 44100
nchnls = 1

instr 1
  ilen = p3
  iamp = p4
  asig  cabasa iamp, ilen

  out asig 
The output of the given .orc and .sco files will look like this:

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