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diff (Csound opcode)

Modify a signal by differentiation.
ar diff asig
kr diff ksig
iskip: (optional), initial disposition of internal save space (see reson). The default value is 0.
integ(diff(sig)) == sig
The following example demonstrates that the amplitude of the resulting signal is dependand on the frequency of the input signal.
sr     = 44100
kr     = 4410
ksmps  = 10
nchnls = 2

instr 1
  ilen = p3

  kcps expseg 1, ilen, sr/2.2

  kamp = 20000

  aleft oscili kamp, kcps, 1

  aright diff aleft

  outs aleft, aright
f 1 0 16384 10 1

i 1 0 1
The upper signal correspondents to aleft, the lower to aright:


This opcode is used for the following instruments:
  • ...

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