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phasor (Csound opcode)

kr      phasor     kcps[, iphs]  
ar      phasor     xcps[, iphs]
Produces a normalized moving phase value.
kcps: frequency
iphs: initial phase (between 0 and 1)
Phasor is almost perfectly predestined for use combined with function tables. The output of phasor can be used as an index into the table (using tablei). Make sure that the index is normalized.
An example of how phasor can be used together with tablei and function tables is here.
sr     = 44100
kr     = 4410
nchnls = 1

instr 1

  iamp = p4
  ifrq = p3

  a1   phasor   ifrq
  a2   phasor   ifrq, 0.5

  out        (a1 + a2) * iamp
i1 0 1 10000 2



This opcode is used for the following instruments: