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René Nyffenegger on Oracle - Most wanted - Feedback - is generated by automake out of and supports all the standard targets. is turned into the Makefile through config.status.

Some common keywords


The directory containing the source files.


The C compiler to use.


The C++ compiler to use.


Flags to pass to the C compiler.


Flags to pass to the C++ compiler.


The C preprocessor to use (e.g. "gcc -E").


C preprocessor flags, like -I directives.


Usually "-DHAVE_CONFIG_H" if AC_CONFIG_HEADER is used.


Flags to pass to the linker.


Libraries to link the program against.


Additional objects containing missing functions.


The ranlib program to use


The install program, or install-sh script.


"MAKE=make" (or whatever) if make does not set ${MAKE}.