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The plan_table [Oracle]

The plan table is required to execute an explain plan.

9i (?)

The old (9i???) plan_table:
  STATEMENT_ID                    VARCHAR2(30),
  TIMESTAMP                       DATE,
  REMARKS                         VARCHAR2(80),
  OPERATION                       VARCHAR2(30),
  OPTIONS                         VARCHAR2(30),
  OBJECT_NODE                     VARCHAR2(128),
  OBJECT_OWNER                    VARCHAR2(30),
  OBJECT_NAME                     VARCHAR2(30),
  OBJECT_INSTANCE                 NUMBER(38),
  OBJECT_TYPE                     VARCHAR2(30),
  OPTIMIZER                       VARCHAR2(255),
  SEARCH_COLUMNS                  NUMBER,
  ID                              NUMBER(38),
  PARENT_ID                       NUMBER(38),
  POSITION                        NUMBER(38),
  COST                            NUMBER(38),
  CARDINALITY                     NUMBER(38),
  BYTES                           NUMBER(38),
  OTHER_TAG                       VARCHAR2(255),
  PARTITION_START                 VARCHAR2(255),
  PARTITION_STOP                  VARCHAR2(255),
  PARTITION_ID                    NUMBER(38),
  OTHER                           LONG,
  DISTRIBUTION                    VARCHAR2(30)

10g (?)

In (at least) 10g, plan_table is a synonym ...
select owner, object_type from all_objects where object_name='PLAN_TABLE';
OWNER                          OBJECT_TYPE
------------------------------ -------------------
PUBLIC                         SYNONYM
... that points to sys.plan_table$:
select table_owner, table_name from all_synonyms where synonym_name = 'PLAN_TABLE';
TABLE_OWNER                    TABLE_NAME
------------------------------ ------------------------------
SYS                            PLAN_TABLE$
This table is created from $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catplan.sql:
create global temporary table plan_table$
        statement_id       varchar2(30),
        plan_id            number,
        timestamp          date,
        remarks            varchar2(4000),
        operation          varchar2(30),
        options            varchar2(255),
        object_node        varchar2(128),
        object_owner       varchar2(30),
        object_name        varchar2(30),
        object_alias       varchar2(65),
        object_instance    numeric,
        object_type        varchar2(30),
        optimizer          varchar2(255),
        search_columns     number,
        id                 numeric,
        parent_id          numeric,
        depth              numeric,        
        position           numeric,
        cost               numeric,
        cardinality        numeric,
        bytes              numeric,
        other_tag          varchar2(255),
        partition_start    varchar2(255),
        partition_stop     varchar2(255),
        partition_id       numeric,
        other              long,
        other_xml          clob,
        distribution       varchar2(30),
        cpu_cost           numeric,
        io_cost            numeric,
        temp_space         numeric,
        access_predicates  varchar2(4000),
        filter_predicates  varchar2(4000),
        projection         varchar2(4000),
        time               numeric,
        qblock_name        varchar2(30)
) on commit preserve rows