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New features in Oracle 11g

The name of the 11 release is not (as of this writing) fixed, it could be 11g or, as some speculate, 11f (f standing for fusion) or even 10gR3.
Possibility to specify the execution order of triggers.
Compound triggers: A trigger that is capable of doing before, after and statement in one.
In PL/SQL, a sequence's nextval needs not anymore be selected from dual, it suffices to write: my_var := my_sequence.nextval;.
PL/SQL and inheritance: the super keyword.
PL/SQL: the continue keyword.
PL/SQL: ref cursors can be cast into a dbms_sql cursor and the be processed with the dbms_sql functions and procedures.
Fine grained dependency tracking: adding and dropping columns to/from a table does not invalide dependant views and packages (unless they are dependant on a dropped column of course).
Native compilation is possible without C compiler.
simple_integer is a new data type that is supposed to be faster than pls_integer. Also simple_integer cannot be null.
Intra-unit inlining: Apparently the same thing as declaring a method inline in C++. It looks like Oracle's PL/SQL interpreter will choose freely if it inlines a function/procedure or not.
FGAC also possible on UTL_SMTP, UTL_MAIL and UTL_HTTP.
Editions to have mutliple versions of triggers, views, synonyms etc in the database. It's not possible to have versions on tables, however, but there is the workspace manager to do that.
create edition some_version_tag_1 then create packages and so on then create edition some_version_tag_2 as child of some_version_tag_1 then create different versions of same packages then alter session set current_edition=some_version_tag_1.