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Oracle's sample schemas


Using the database configuration assistant (DBCA)

The sample schemas can be installed using the database configuration assistant by checking the checkbox Example Schemas.

Via the companion CD

Alternatively, Oracle Schemas can also be installed using the companion CD. 10g's companion CD's installer has three options (radio buttons) whose second option (Oracle Database 10g Products will install the files needed to manually install the schemas. When installing this option, it must be installed into an already existing Oracle Home.


When the sample schemas are installed manually, the driving script (mksample.sql) is invoked like so.
The first two arguments are the password for system and sys, respectively, followed by the six passwords for hr, oe, pm, ix, sh and bi, respectively, followed by the default tablspace and the default temp tablespace.
@?/demo/schema/mksample passwd_system passwd_sys pw_hr pw_oe pw_pm pw_ix pw_sh pw_bi users temp c:\temp\ora_schema_log


See also: On generating ERDs with desc_table and neato. In this article, I create the ERD for some of the tables found in the sample schemas.