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audit [Oracle SQL]

audit sql statement;
audit all;
audit system privilege;
audit all privileges;

audit <operation> by session;
audit <operation> by access;

audit <operation> whenever successful;
audit <operation> whenever not successful; 

audit <operation> by session whenever successful;
audit <operation> by access  whenever not successful; 

By session

This is the default for most audit statements.
If an audit is specified by session, at most one record will be inserted in the audit trail per audited action for a session

By access

If an audit is specified by access, each execution of an audited action will be recorded in the audit trail.

SQL Statement

Init parameters

Where (and if) the audited data is stored is controlled by the audit_trail. This parameter can be of one of the following values:
  • none
  • false
  • os
  • db
  • db,extended
    since Oracle 10g?
  • true
  • xml
    since Oracle 10g
  • xml,extended
    since Oracle 10g
No auditing is made if set to none or false.
Audit data goes to the operating system's audit trail if set to os.
Audit data is written into sys.aud$. A convenient way to read sys.aud$ is by using the dba_audit_trail view.


Undo audit with noaudit.


Thanks to Jürgen Altfeld who spotted an error on this page and notified me.