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updateXML [Oracle SQL]

updateXML (xml-type, 'xpath-expression, new-value)
updateXML (xml-type, 'xpath-expression, new-value, 'namespace')

An example

create table some_xml of xmltype;
A document is inserted into the xml table. After inserting it, the c-element (containing four) should be updated to two.
insert into some_xml values(xmltype('
  <b x="1">one</b>
  <c x="2">four</c>
  <d x="3">three</d>
update some_xml set object_value =
  updateXML(object_value, '/a/*[@x=2]text()', 'two');
select * from some_xml;
  <b x="1">one</b>
  <c x="2">two</c>
  <d x="3">three</d>