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recover [SQL*PLUS]

recover database until cancel
recover database until time '2004-03-21:22:59:04'
recover database until change 123456

recover datafile 'filename' until cancel
recover datafile 'filename' until time '2004-03-21:22:59:04'
recover datafile 'filename' until change 123456

recover tablespace ts_name until cancel
recover tablespace ts_name until time '2004-03-21:22:59:04'
recover tablespace ts_name until change 123456

recover database using backup controlfile

Until time

Performs a incomplete recovery (=Point in time recovery).
The format of the time is

Until change

Performs a incomplete recovery.
The number that follows until change is an SCN. In order to recover up to and including SCN 999, use recover until change 1000.

Standby database

Recovers a standby database.

Using backup controlfile

Don't use the current controlfiles, use backed up control files instead.