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Oracle's Data pump

The data pump comes new with Oracle 10g and replaces imp/exp (although imp and exp remain supported)
It provides high speed, parallel, bulk data and metadata movement of Oracle database contents across platforms and database versions. If a data pump job is started and fails for any reason before it has finished, it can be restarted at a later time.
The commands to start the data pump are expdp and impdp, respectively.
The data pump uses files as well as direct network transfer.
Clients can detach and reconnect from/to the data pump.
Parallel loads/exports possible, even to/from external text files.
Monitored through dba_datapump_jobs.
Direct server to server transfer possible, without using an intermediate file.

Object selection

  • exclude=function
  • exclude=procedure
  • exclude=package:"like '%DUMMY%'"
  • include=table
  • content=metadata_only | data_only | both
  • query="modify_data > sysdate-1"


  • skip
  • append
  • truncate
  • replace

data pump API

dbms_datapump provides the data pump API.


Thanks to Jaynath Kumar who corrected a misstake on this page.