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oradim is a tool that can be used to create Oracle specific windows services and to start an instance. See also this link.
oradim can be given the option -sid which identifies the system identifier.

Creating a service

c:\>oradim -new -sid SOME_SID -intpwd PASSWORD -startmode MODE -pfile PFILE
PASSWORD is the password that is used to connect / as sysdba.
MODE indicates how the service is started. It must either be auto or manual. auto tells Windows to automatically start the service when Windows is booted. manual, on the other hand, requires someone to manually start the service.

Starting things with oradim

Starting the service

c:\some\arbitrary\path> oradim -startup -sid <your-sid-goes-here> -starttype srvc

Starting the instance

c:\some\arbitrary\path> oradim -startup -sid <your-sid-goes-here> -starttype inst

Starting both the service and the instance

c:\some\arbitrary\path> oradim -startup -sid <your-sid-goes-here> -starttype srvc,inst


ORADIM messages are not printed to the command prompt, instead, they're logged to %ORACLE_HOME%\database\oradim.log.
It is possible to change the directory where the log file is stored by adding the ORA_CWD registry parameter.


ORA-01031 when starting an instance.