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Miscallaneous Windows things

dll help database This database contains information about DLL files that ship with selected Microsoft products.
A Socket Class in C++ for Windows. These classes can be used for building a simple webserver.
This example demonstrates how to use timers in Windows.
Here's how to create a process.
Even if a lot of operations can be done directly from the Windows Explorer, it is still necessary, sometimes, to open a DOS prompt to perform a particular task. Typing the full path of a directory can be really annoying. Daniel Larocque (on codeproject) has found a way of starting a DOS prompt with its current directory set to a particular folder.
Path completion in the dos box.
Copy & Paste in the dos box.
playsound.exe is a small programm used to play wave files.
charmap is a tool to select (copy&paste) characters of a font.