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Programming Windows

StopWatch is a class that can be used to determine how long a certain oparation took.
This MSJ article of February 1998 deals with the details of stack frame usage. It's almost only about the assembly code instructions to set up a stack frame. The stack frame can of course be used to walk the stack. This Article from Under the Hood of May 1997 describes exactly how to use imagehlp to do that.
The Microsoft Knowledge Base is categorized by keywords. This article lists the keywords specific to articles in the languages collection, and those include the programming language products listed at the beginning of this article.
The win 32 api functions in the msdn library.
Many crt functions have equivalents in the Win32 API.
Here's the code for simple window (using only SDK) that can be used as a starting point when writing own windowing application.
Graphic stuff. I consider Regions also as graphic stuff.
Using rundll32 to call a function within a dll.
Here's a class that allows to output strings in various colors in the console.