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expon (Csound opcode)

expon traces an exponential curve between two points whose 'time-distance' can be given.
kr   expon      ia, idur1, ib
ar   expon      ia, idur1, ib
ia: starting value
ib: value after idur1 seconds

The following example shows a signal (of length 1 second) that decreases 50% (0.5*iamp) every 250 ms (ilen*0.25)

sr     = 44100
kr     = 4410
nchnls = 1

instr 1
  ilen = p3
  iamp = p4

  as          expon  iamp, ilen*.25, 0.5*iamp

  out        as
i1 0 1 25000 



This opcode is used for the following instruments: