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pow (Csound opcode)

ar pow aarg, kpow [, inorm]
ir pow iarg, ipow [, inorm]
kr pow karg, kpow [, inorm]
Computes xarg to the power of xpow and scales the result by inorm.
sr     = 44100
kr     = 4410
nchnls = 1

instr 1
  ilen = p3

  kphase phasor 1/ilen
  kamp   pow kphase, 7

  aamp = (1-kamp) * 30000

  out aamp
i1 0 1 
This results in:

Obviously, this shape can be used for a sound that needs to decrease in a measure (such as amplitude) slowly at the beginning and fast at the end.


This opcode is used (for example) for the following instruments: