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The RMAN repository

The RMAN repository stores information that RMAN needs to operate.
In particular, the repository consists of the following information:
  • Backup sets and pieces
  • Image copies (including archived redo logs)
  • Proxy copies
  • The target database schema or schemas (it can manage multiple target databases).
  • Persistent configuration settings

Location of the repository

Control files

The RMAN repository is always stored in the control files of the target database. The parameter control_file_record_keep_time specifies how long the relevant information is stored.

Recovery catalog

Optionally, it can additionally be stored in a special schema called the recovery catalog.
If the RMAN repository is stored in a recovery catalog, it should be stored in its own database as it will be necessary to use this catalog to restore a database.
The recovery catalog can also store scripts (which is not possible with the repository data stored in control files.