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Archived redo logs

When a database is running in archive log modus, Oracle requires that online redo logs be archived before they're overwritten by a log switch. The archiving happens either manually or automatically by the archiver process.

Starting the arch process

An online redo log is usually archived by arch. There are two ways to start arch: First by the init parameter log_archive_start. This requires a restart of the database. The second way is to manually start the archiver:
alter system archive log start
However, the archiver will not be started automatically the next time the database is started.

Manually archiving redo logs

In order to manually archive the online redo logs, the following statement must be executed in mount status:
alter database archivelog manual;
The following command archives all redo log file groups that are full but have not been archived.
alter system archive log all;

Showing all desinations

Showing archived logs