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archive log list
archive log stop
archive log start
archive log next
archive log all
archive log n
From within SQL*PLUS, an archive log {opt} command can be started that can be used to start or stop archiving online redo log files. Further, it can be used to display inofrmation about redo log files.

archive log list

This command displays:
  • If the database is in archive log or not
  • If automatic archival is enabled
  • The current log file group's sequence number
  • The current archive destination (as per LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST)
  • Next sequence to be archived
  • Oldest online log sequence

archive log start [to destination]

Starts automatic archiving of redo logs (actually starts the arch process).
If destination is specified, it uses it a archiving destination. Otherwise log_archive_dest_n is used to find out the destination.