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Ming wrapper examples

The following examples should demonstrate how Ming wrapper is used.
This example demonstrates how text can be altered with Action Script (_root.t.text='changed text')
Clipping bitmaps demonstrates how a bitmap can be clipped (also known as masking) and then displayed.
Adding and multiplying colors demonstrates how colors are added and multiplied.
Counter demonstrates how a series of frames can be made into a counter.
This example demonstrates how text can be dragged with the mouse.
This example is similar to the preceeding one. Additionally, it updates the text to reflect an object's coordinates.
This example demonstrates the Action Script function hitTest.
Following the mouse demonstrates how the the location of the mouse can be detected.
This example demonstrates the use of gradients.
This example just draws a few lines.
This example creates a dragable mask.
This example demonstrates how a shape can be morphed.
Mouse click demonstrates how dragging can be activated with the OnMouseDown event.
Multiple action demonstrates that the order in which Action's are added to a MovieClip_ is important.
This example nests three movie clips into yet another.
Mouse down order demonstrates the bubbling of mouse events.
This example right aligns text
This example just draws two shapes.
This example makes sparks.